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During the cold months, your household drains can freeze making it very difficult to unclog them using traditional drain cleaning methods.

Which Drains are at Risk of Freezing?

Drains that are exposed to the elements, or along the outside walls of exposed basement walls, are more susceptible to freezing in the winter. Some examples include:

  • Downspout discharge drains
  • Shallow sewer lines
  • Shallow drains

How do I Prevent Freezing Drains?

Although there is no guarantee the freezing temperatures won’t affect your drains, trying some of these solutions may help prevent an unfortunate drain block:

  • Cover your pipes with insulation sleeves
  • Insulate unfinished basements or other areas of the home where pipes and drains are exposed to cooler temperatures
  • Turn up your heat in areas where your pipes and drains are exposed
  • Remember to carefully pour hot water down infrequently used household drains
  • Remove debris from outdoor drains and keep them clear over the winter months

What Should I do if my Drain is Frozen?

There are a few DIY approaches to clearing frozen drains and pipes.

  • For outdoor drains, using hot saltwater or hot water with a deicing agent may help clear a line, but be prepared for water to back up towards you until the block is cleared.
  • Indoor pipes may respond by exposing them to heat from a hair dryer, but be careful not to expose pipes to heat for too long to avoid damage.

Although the DIY approach may work, for safety reasons we only recommend contacting a drain cleaning company to fix any frozen drains or drain lines. Using hot water and specialist equipment called a hydro jetter will safely and easily open a closed drain.

What is a Hydro Jetter?

A hydro jetter uses multiple nozzles to put out a high gallon-per-minute water flow rate at high pressure to remove drain blockages.

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