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Fall is a beautiful time of year, but the seasonal changes can cause issues for your downspouts. Downspouts are designed to push rainwater away from your foundation to avoid flooding, soil erosion or water damage. When they aren’t working properly, it can create some nasty situations.

We’ve provided advice below to make sure your downspouts are working perfectly this fall.

Check for Clogs in Your Downspout

During the fall months, leaves collect in the gutter. When rain falls, leaves and other debris travel to your downspouts. This debris can create clogs that block your pipe. Be sure to keep your gutters clear to avoid this problem. Here are some ways to check whether you have a clogged downspout:

  • Run water through your downspout. If it doesn’t flow and drain easily, there is most likely a clog.
  • You can also push a snake down the line to see if you meet any resistance created by a clog.
  • After checking for clogs, if you cannot clear them on your own, get in touch with a professional drain cleaning company who can help clear your downspout using specialist equipment.

Watch Your Downspout When it Rains

It may seem simple, but an easy way to check for downspout issues is watching it during a rainstorm. Make sure it is functioning correctly, with a normal stream flowing through the system. Make sure it isn’t accumulating water near your home that could cause flooding or soil erosion.

Make Sure Your Pipes are in Good Condition

While you’re out cleaning the leaves from your gutters, check them over for any signs of wear and tear. This is a proactive way to ensure no leaks or rusty pipes cause you problems in the future.

Look For Wet Spots in Your Basement

If you see wet spots in your basement this Fall, there is a good chance your downspouts caused them. It is a fairly common issue at this time of year when downspouts clog. With an issue this serious, it is probably time to get in touch with your local drain cleaning company to handle the situation.

If flooding and water backups persist near your foundation, and your downspouts are clear, it may be worth extending your downspout further away from your home. There are even underground system available that attach to your downspout

By following these tips, we hope you avoid any issues with your downspouts this fall. If you do need help, we are here for you with our specialist drain cleaning equipment to get your downspouts clear in no time at all.

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