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A French drain is an underground drain tube that is perforated to allow water in (and out), but keep soil out. Usually, a French drain is surrounded by gravel, and sits beneath a downspout, often right at ground level. French drains may or may not be connected to a building’s gutter system.

French drains need annual maintenance

Despite the design’s best efforts, French drains get clogged by dirt, debris and silt. They do need to be cleaned out regularly – about once per year – to ensure that they continue to direct water away from the building’s foundation.

The best way to clean a French drain is mechanically, using an electric snake. The drain may have a cover that needs to be removed, or if it’s connected directly to a downspout, the downspout can be disconnected to provide access to the drain.

Snaking out the drain will break up any soft clogs or obstructions that have accumulated in the drain. Tree roots can also invade a French drain, and an ordinary snake probably isn’t the right tool to remove them.

Cleaning a French drain can be a DIY project, if you have the right equipment, know how to use it, and don’t mind getting a little dirty. If you don’t have the right tools or would just prefer not to muck around in your French drain, Clear Drain Cleaning has the right tools to clean your French drains, and remove any tree root obstructions.

French drains can be a great way to direct rainwater runoff away from your foundation and septic system, but they require annual maintenance to keep them clear and working properly. If you have French drains on your property, give us a call at Clear Drain Cleaning at (330) 343-7146 to schedule an appointment. We’ll clear your French drains and keep them in good working order!