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Managing stormwater is a key component of maintaining your septic system. Stormwater isn’t supposed to end up in your septic tank. Unless you have a hole in your tank, or your tank cover is damaged, a rainstorm – even one that’s heavy – isn’t likely to flood your tank . That doesn’t mean rain won’t affect your septic system, though.

Managing stormwater is important

Stormwater can be relatively clean, or it can contain a variety of contaminants, like dirt, oil, gasoline, fertilizers, farm runoff and other unhealthy substances. You don’t want any of these compounds reaching the water table. Although they might percolate through the ground and reach the water table by other means, the soil in your septic field is relatively loose. It offers a pretty straight path to the groundwater around your home. By itself, that’s a very good reason to keep drainage out of your drain field!

Your septic system depends on good drainage in your septic field. Saturated soil won’t accept more water. If your septic field is soaked with rain water, your septic drainage has nowhere to go. Effluent from your septic tank might back up into the system, or it might pool on the ground in the septic field. Neither of those scenarios is desirable. In fact, they can be dangerous to your health, your home, and the long-term operation of your septic system.

Managing stormwater is important to the general health of your septic field. It’s critical to know the location of your septic field. You must also ensure that you direct stormwater runoff from your home and property away from your septic field. Dry wells and rainwater catchment systems can help collect stormwater for local irrigation and ensure that large water volumes avoid your septic field.

Clear Drain Cleaning can help keep your drains and drain field operating properly. By keeping your drains clear, we can make sure your septic system treats and discharges your wastewater properly and safely. Drain maintenance protects your home and property, and ensures the long-term health of your septic system.

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