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Spring is a time of refreshing and this should include your septic system. Your septic tank needs maintenance in the spring to continue to run smoothly. Because weather conditions change moving from winter to spring, often times septic problems arise. Spring is a wet time of year, so the ground is prone to be damp causing the water table level to rise. Consequently, this can lead to your septic system flooding and other septic issues.

Clear Drain Cleaning is here to help! We have compiled a list of signs which may indicate you have a septic system problem developing. We also have septic system spring maintenance recommendations.  This should help prevent issues from happening in the first place.

Signs which may indicate you have septic tank problems this spring:

  1. Do you have puddles near your septic tank and around your drainage field? This flooding is a strong indicator that something is probably wrong with your septic tank.
  2. Do you notice a funky smell near your septic tank and the surrounding area? If your answer is yes, it’s most likely a sign your septic system is overflowing. Therefore, it is critical to contact a septic system expert to fix the septic problem, so it doesn’t become a bigger more expensive issue.
  3. Check for standing water over your septic tank cover. This could indicate you have a significant clog in your system, which also requires immediate attention.

If you have a septic system clog, be sure to avoid using harsh chemicals. They can kill the good bacteria you want to remain in your system. It is best to contact a professional septic system service to deal with this issue.  They will use specialized tools to unclog your septic system in a way that is safe and better for the environment.

Ways to avoid major septic tank issues in the spring:

  1. Change your filters – You’re already in spring cleaning mode, so why not refresh your septic tank filter? Often times, your filter can become clogged with debris and gunk left from winter weather and spring storms. Remember if your filter is clogged, it can prevent your entire septic system from working properly, leading to unnecessary damage. Do this on your own or contact a professional company who specializes in septic tank maintenance.
  2. Schedule an inspection – A professional may catch little issues that have sprung up due to a harsh winter and temperature changes. They will look for signs of disrepair like a cracked lid or broken cap. Preventative septic system maintenance will bring you peace of mind as you avoid problems that could develop into something much worse.
  3. Pump your septic system – Late spring is the best time of year to pump your system after temperatures rise. Never attempt to pump your system clean on your own. Pumping your tank can help prevent flooding, backups and even sewage leaks in your yard. Be sure to contact Clear Drain Cleaning, so we can insure your system is serviced safely, properly and efficiently.
  4. Check that your gutter downspouts direct water away from your septic tank- Spring is a rainy season. If your downspouts are directing water toward your septic tank, it is going to increase the risk of flooding.
  5. Clean your drains- Keeping your interior drains clear means your septic system does not have to work as hard to pump water. If your septic system becomes overworked because it is fighting against clogs in your pipes and drains, then it can lead to flooding. A professional drain cleaning service like Clear Drain Cleaning can quickly and safely remove drain and pipe blockages in no time.

How we can help

You are off to a great start with your spring septic system maintenance by following these tips and looking out for issues. If you keep up with septic system maintenance, your system will most likely last longer and avoid costly damage brought on by flooding or blockage. Keep a close eye on your septic system and make note of any changes or possible septic tank issues. If you notice any areas for concern or think you are due for septic system maintenance, spring is the perfect time for scheduling an inspection to avoid long-term issues. Clear Drain Cleaning professionals quickly recognize any issues with septic systems and provide suitable, safe, reliable and effective methods to address any issues your drains, pipes or septic tank are facing.

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