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Drain cleaning and sewer cleaning are two jobs that homeowners can’t always do by themselves. Sometimes, you can clear an interior drain that’s blocked by using chemicals or a snake, but many homeowners don’t have the right tools to clean out drain lines. This puts them at a disadvantage to dishonest drain cleaning companies that may be inclined to take advantage of homeowners in trouble. So how can you spot a drain cleaning scam?

Drain Cleaning: Sewer cam or sewer scam?

Sadly, drain cleaning scams are alive and well, but with a little thought, you can avoid dishonest service providers and keep your drains running free and clear at the same time.

Ask questions, don’t answer them! A service provider should be asking questions about your drains and your sewer lines. Questions like:

“How long have you had this problem?”

“What have you already tried?”

“What happens when you…?”

“Have you also noticed…?”

are completely legitimate. The service provider needs some basic information about your situation to be able to help. The service provider doesn’t need to know that you’re married or divorced, widowed, living alone or how old you are. If the service provider’s questions stray from your drains to some other subject, you have the right to remain silent! Try to redirect the conversation back to your drains. If that doesn’t work, call in a different provider.

Stay with the service provider while in your home. An honest service provider won’t mind the company. A dishonest service provider may use “alone time” to set the stage for some deceit, by faking “damage” to your pipes or to convince you that you need additional services. Don’t give the provider enough time to set you up with “tricks of the trade.” Be wary of providers that show up in pairs, then split up once they’re inside.

If you’ve seen one broken sewer line… Video inspections of sewer lines are invaluable for detecting problems, assessing their scope and estimating how much a repair will cost. They can also be tools for deception. If a service provider shows you a tape of a broken sewer line, make sure the tape actually shows your sewer. The very beginning of the video feed should show the camera entering your sewer clean-out. The end of the tape should show the camera exiting the line into your space. In fact, the service provider conducting the inspection should invite you to watch the inspection from start to finish along with him or her. Just make sure that what you’re looking at is really yours!

Clear Drain Cleaning offers you a great advantage. We’re not plumbers and we don’t do plumbing or sewer line repairs. We’re not going to talk you into any unnecessary work because drain cleaning is the only thing we do.

If you’d like us to clean your drains or clean and inspect your sewer line, please give us a call at (330) 343-7146 and we’ll be happy to clear your lines and give you an honest assessment of your drains and sewer line.