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If you need a reason to consider sewer cleaning, read on. Residents of Symmes Township near Cincinnati in Warren County were warned last week to stay away from a local creek because a clog composed mainly of grease broke a local sewer line and allowed grease and raw sewage to escape into a drainage ditch. The ditch overflowed, discharging the mess into the creek.

The Importance of Regular Sewer Cleaning

The affected creek flows into Hamilton County, and those residents are also being advised to avoid contact with the water, because according to officials, the creek could contain “considerable” amounts of hazardous wastewater. Local restaurants were identified as the primary sources of the grease. The 12-inch sewer line, which is serviced by the Metropolitan Sewer District, has been repaired and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency is assisting with the remediation.

Citing the importance of regular grease trap maintenance and sewer cleaning, MSD officials also took the time to remind residents to dispose of grease, fats and oil properly. MSD Superintendent Mike Pittinger said the affected sewer line was “100% blocked” with grease.

Fats, grease and oil can create a very effective clog in any sewer line. The size of the line doesn’t offer any protection against accumulations, either. When you pour grease down the drain, it’s probably hot – or at least warm – so it seems reliably liquid, but fat achieves its solid state at a remarkably high temperature.

If you think about it, most animal fats are solid at body temperature, which is definitely much higher than room temperature. Worse, all oils and all fats, regardless of their sources, can easily achieve a solid state; in most cases, oils and fats become solid well above the freezing point of water.

Drains and sewer lines don’t stay warm enough to keep fat liquid for very long at all, so as the grease you pour down the drain from your dinner cools – even slightly – it’s clogging up your pipes. Your pipes may not clog right away, but the grease accumulates as time goes on.
Pouring hot water down the drains isn’t a substitute for sewer cleaning. Even if the water stayed hot enough or flowed long enough to melt a clog, the melted grease will just cool and harden farther down the line. The hot water won’t remain hot enough long enough to keep your line open and trouble ensues!

Don’t wait until a grease clog shuts down your sewer line to consider sewer cleaning. Contact Clear Drain Cleaning at (330) 343-7146. We can safely, quickly and completely clear accumulated grease from residential and commercial drains. We make sewer cleaning easy!