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In a restaurant, nothing is more important than safety. While the state performs regular inspections to verify that the staff is handling, storing and preparing food safely, restaurant drain cleaning sometimes gets overlooked.

Let’s face it – there’s nothing clean about a drain, no matter where it is. A restaurant drain handles dirty water. As long as the water keeps flowing in one direction, the kitchen is in good shape.

Restaurant drain cleaning is a must!

In a restaurant, lots of grease and food scraps end up going down the drain, even when employees are trained on proper waste disposal methods. The grease and oil that make it down the restaurant drain are the setup for a big problem later on.

Grease and animal fats are largely solid at room temperature. Most cooking oils achieve a solid state at temperatures between about 15° F and 40° F. Only about a half dozen cooking oils – which aren’t commonly used in restaurant cooking – can remain liquid in single digit temperatures.

All of that is important because when fats and oils go down a restaurant drain, they enter a cold environment, so they’re likely to solidify quickly. The volume of fat and oil generated in the kitchen almost guarantees the development of a grease clog that will come back to haunt a restaurant kitchen.

Waste water backing up into the kitchen through sink or floor drains can cause an immediate health hazard. Clogs in the main drains can render restrooms inoperable, and that’s bad for business.

Clear Drain Cleaning/Jasco Rooter specializes in drain cleaning. Using water hydrojets, we can power through even the toughest grease clogs to keep the water flowing. We don’t use harsh chemicals to open drains. That’s good news for your staff, your customers and your business.

Regular drain maintenance for a restaurant is essential. Give us a call at Clear Drain Cleaning at (330) 343-7146. We’ll help you determine the best regular drain maintenance schedule for your business.