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Grease is a normal substance found in the kitchen, and comes from cooking processes and food such as meat and dairy. When it goes down the drain in your kitchen sink it can create difficult clogs overtime. Thankfully, there are measures you can take to avoid this common clog.

Tip #1: Don’t Send Fatty, Greasy, or Oily Foods Down the Sink

It may seem like an easy cleanup option, but pouring any greasy, oily, or fatty food substances down the sink is the beginning of a grease clog. Remove excess grease and food scraps from cookware and dishes before washing. Also, any dishes which have a bigger grease buildup should be soaked with a grease-dissolving cleaner before the washing process.

Tip #2: Hot Water & Grease Cutting Soap

Some fatty, oily, and greasy substances will find their way into your kitchen drain regardless of how carefully you wash up. To help avoid grease clogs, intermittently run lots of hot water and grease cutting soap down the drain. Use this method frequently to breakdown any accumulating grease.

Tip #3: Hot Water & Vinegar

You may prefer to avoid chemicals found in soaps and cleaners. There are natural products that have been found to effectively fight grease buildup in kitchen sinks. We suggest trying a 1:1 ratio of hot water and vinegar. Sending boiling water down the drain helps melt the clog, while the vinegar eats away at debris attached to the wall of the pipe. Finish the process by sending more boiling water down the drain to clear any remaining grease.

If you find your kitchen sink isn’t draining, and you’ve tried these clog preventing tips, you may need a drain cleaning professional to use special methods to clear your drain and pipes. We are here to help with safe, quick, and effective methods like hydro jetting.

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