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The Attorney General of the State of Ohio has filed a civil lawsuit against a plumbing and drain cleaning firm in Youngstown. According to the suit, the Attorney General claims to have received more than two-dozen complaints from consumers regarding the firm’s business practices. Several complaints allege that the plumbing and drain cleaning contractor over-estimated the cost of work, added unauthorized work to a bill and performed unnecessary repairs. Prior to filing the lawsuit, the Attorney General’s office was unable to resolve the complaints.

Drain Cleaning Is Our Business!

At Clear Drain Cleaning, the focus of our business is on drain cleaning. While we can diagnose a broken sewer line or other plumbing problem, we don’t perform those repairs. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to see your drains from the inside, locate problem areas precisely, identify root intrusions, cracks and other damage, and clear both soft and hard blockages, but we do not perform drain or sewer repairs. If we find a trouble spot that needs additional work, we’ll show you the problem and work with your contractor during the repair if needed or desired.

By focusing on drain maintenance, we can give you a clear, unbiased evaluation of the status of your drains. We can help a qualified plumbing contractor precisely locate problem areas. In doing that, we can reduce the cost of excavation and the time your contractor needs to complete a repair. We can also locate septic tanks, clear drains inside your home and remove obstructions from drain lines. (Hey, everyone with kids loses at least one toy down the toilet, right?)

Clear Drain Cleaning is your source for interior and exterior drain maintenance! We save the high-pressure tactics for the clogs in your drains! Call us today at (330) 343-7146 for all of your drain cleaning and drain maintenance needs.