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Now is a great time to consider cleaning the drains in and around your home. Drain maintenance is very important, but because our drains are so reliable and convenient, we don’t tend to think about them until there’s a problem. You can avoid problems by conducting regular drain maintenance. At the same time, you can avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage your pipes or your septic system.

Drain cleaning can help you avoid problems later

Clear Drain Cleaning uses state-of-the-art drain cleaning equipment to keep your drains free of debris that could cause them to work slowly, or clog altogether. Our hydrojetting equipment can power through tough organic clogs caused by grease and solids, as well as detergents that can reconstitute in drains.

We can also diagnose and clear drain problems caused by tree root invasions. We can scope out your drains end to end with our video equipment. This allows us to visualize problem areas. Knowing what’s in your drains and sewer or septic lines can help us choose the right solution for your situation.

Better still, we’re not plumbers. We don’t replace cracked or broken sewer lines, so you can rely on us to give you a complete picture of your drains, without the high-pressure sales tactics that some firms might employ. When you’re facing a major home repair like sewer line repair or replacement, knowing the exact condition of your line gives you the time and information you need to make good decisions. We can also pinpoint the exact location of the damage in your sewer line. This gives you the ability to decide whether to replace just the damaged section or the entire sanitary line or lateral connection.

Now is also a great time to consider cleaning out your exterior drains and culverts. Storm damage can cause organic debris to accumulate during the summer months, and creates the perfect conditions for culvert failure when you need drainage the most – during the fall rains and winter snowstorms. We can clear your drains now while the weather is good, and help you avoid problems later, when clearing may be much more difficult.

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