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Many rural properties have culverts. A culvert is a ditch that runs beside (or under) a road or driveway. Culverts give excess water a place to collect and drain into a larger drain system or into the ground. Culvert maintenance is important because an unmaintained culvert can cause drainage problems, and can damage roads and driveways.

Don’t put off culvert maintenance

In most cases, homeowners are responsible for residential culvert maintenance and repair. Repairs can be very costly, so it’s in your best interest to make sure your culvert is properly maintained at all times.

Culverts tend to fill with natural debris. Weeds, grass and other summer growth, as well as fallen leaves can quickly fill a culvert. Silt, which accumulates over time, can also cause drainage problems. Organic matter should never be allowed to reduce water flow or drainage in the culvert by more than 20%. If culverts are not properly maintained in the fall or this 20% guideline is exceeded, serious drainage problems can occur in the spring when winter snows melt.

If your culvert is adjacent to a public roadway or another property, routine inspections and culvert maintenance are key to avoiding flooding that could damage the roadway or an adjacent property. Removing silt, organic debris, trash, vegetation and “volunteer” trees should be a part of your culvert maintenance routine. Culvert inlets and outlets should be examined for signs of deterioration, damage or soil erosion. These can indicate more serious problems that need to be addressed by civil engineering professionals.

Clear Drain Cleaning offers culvert cleaning and maintenance services that can help keep your culverts free of debris. Regular culvert maintenance can extend the life of the culvert and help you avoid costly repairs. It also allows us to inspect the condition of the culvert and identify any problems with the lining or the culvert construction that could lead to catastrophic failures.

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