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Unless you live in a city or suburb, your home is connected to a septic system. Your septic system breaks down biological wastes safely, and with the proper care, your septic system can last 25 years or more.

The primary job of your septic system is to remove waste from your home and prevent groundwater contamination from improperly treated sewage. How well you treat your septic system determines how well your septic system treats you, so proper maintenance of this very important system is essential.

Take care of your septic system!

Close to home, an improperly maintained septic tank can cause odors, sewage backups and drainage problems for lawns. They’re also expensive to fix, so taking good care of a septic system can help homeowners avoid expensive repairs before they’re necessary.

In the bigger picture, bacteria and viruses found in human waste can pollute groundwater, lakes and streams, so it’s very important to keep these nasty critters out of the water system through proper treatment. History shows us that contaminated drinking water can lead to deadly diseases like dysentery, cholera and hepatitis and typhoid fever.

Other products of human activity can also contaminate water via poorly maintained septic systems. These products include phosphates and nitrates, from soaps and fertilizers. In streams, rivers and lakes, these products can accumulate and trigger significant negative changes in the ecosystem.

With so much riding upon a properly functioning septic system, it’s easy to understand why you want to take good care of it. By conducting regular septic maintenance, you can save a lot of money, keep your family and your community healthy and take good care of the environment we all live in.

At Clear Drain Cleaning, we know that it’s easy to overlook a working septic system. After all, if it’s working, nothing’s wrong, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case! Problems can start in your septic tank long before they become obvious, and sometimes, the job of cleaning and maintaining a septic tank is not a DIY project.

That’s why we offer a whole range of septic tank-related services for homeowners in the following counties: Tuscarawas, Ashland, Carroll, Coshocton, Holmes, Stark and Wayne. We can locate, inspect and clean your septic tank, and discover potential problems while they’re still easy-to-manage. We can also show you how to maintain your septic system and keep it free from common problems.

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