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A lot of good can come of keeping your drains clean. An annual drain cleaning can resolve issues that might lead to more severe problems later. Free-flowing drains allow water to run away from your property and reduce the likelihood that bacteria and other organic growth will clog your drains.

Kitchen drain cleaning

Your drains take a lot of abuse throughout the year. Kitchen drains get a lot of food waste, grease and other undesirable stuff that can work together to create a pretty impressive clog. Even dish detergent can get into the act, creating soft yet highly effective blockages that slow drains or even close them altogether. Bacteria thrive in standing water, so getting rid of drain debris is important.

When it comes to kitchen drains, don’t rely on “hot water” to melt hardened grease and other food particles. Hot water doesn’t stay hot long enough to move the offending substances all the way to the sewer or septic tank. If you can “melt” a grease clog in one location, it will just reform farther down the line!

Bathroom drain cleaning

Bathroom drains get hit with a lot of hair and soap residue that form soft, yet effective blockages. The most effective way to rid a bathroom drain of a blockage is mechanical removal. For the average homeowner, that’s a messy job, and you may not have the right tools to get the gunk out.

Laundry drains aren’t immune, either. Powdered soaps can reconstitute in drainpipes and joints to form a hard, water resistant plug. You’ll definitely need assistance to get this kind of blockage under control.

Outside drain and sewer cleaning

You can also encounter problems with your drains outside of your home. Tree roots and organic growth inside your sewer and drainpipes can cause problems for all of your drains, fixtures and appliances.

Clear Drain Cleaning can help. We definitely don’t recommend chemical drain cleaners. They don’t work on most clogs and they’re harsh enough to damage pipes and septic systems. Give us a call and we’ll clear your drains using high-pressure equipment. Clogs don’t stand a chance against us! We can even scope your drains to ensure that they’re not suffering from hidden damage, like cracks and tree roots.

Give us a call at (330) 343-7146 to schedule a drain cleaning. We also provide emergency response for any unexpected drain issues.