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Kitchens, bathrooms, basements: All places we have drains in our home, but do
you know the sign of a drain in desperate need of a clean?

It’s easy to forget about drains, but maintaining clear drains can save you
unnecessary hassle and expense.

Here are signs your drain may need to be

1. Slow Drains – If your water is taking too long to flow down your drain, it
probably means your drain isn’t clear because a clog is forming in your pipes.

2. Frequently clogged drains – While a plunger might clear a drain issue for
now, frequent blockage probably means you need your drain cleared to stop a
major clog from developing.

3. Gurgling Drains – Singing in the shower is fun, but your shower drain
shouldn’t make noise too! Therefore, it’s most likely time for a drain clean.

4. Bubbles in your Sink – Bubbles in your sink means clean hands, but bubbles in
the sink without soap means your drain may not be clear.

5. Black stuff coming out of your shower  – Need we say more? You don’t want
any black stuff coming out of your plumbing in the bathroom. Get that
drain cleaned ASAP!

6. Water flooding in basement – You don’t need a flood to get flooding in your
basement. Water can back up in your pipes and cause problems if your drain isn’t clear.

If you think your drain should probably be cleaned, contact us at Clear Drain

Clear Drain Cleaning experts will unclog your drain using specialist drain
clearing equipment which is safer for the environment and your pipes than
chemical based drain cleaners. Give us a call today: 330-473-5263!

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