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Hydro Excavation provides a safe alternative to traditional excavation methods, which is why we’re thrilled to add it to our list of services. We use our new truck equipped with pressurized water and a special vacuum to create holes in the ground. It’s the safest method to avoid tearing up utility lines.

The pressurized water can also clean big water lines like city storm drains and sewers, and vacuum up any leftover debris into the truck’s tank. Read on to learn more about this revolutionary method:

Benefit #1: Hydro Excavation is More Precise

Traditional excavation methods such as manually digging or using backhoes are not as precise as Hydro Excavation. When you’re digging into the ground, you need to know you’re in the right place, otherwise you could damage utility lines, or end up having to backfill at the end of a project.

Benefit #2: Hydro Excavation is Safer for Staff

Digging holes manually takes a lot of effort, and is time consuming. Using machinery like backhoes can be dangerous for employees. Hydro Excavation is much safer and requires less manual labor to get the job done.

Benefit #3: Hydro Excavation is Safer for the Environment

Hydro Excavation is more eco-friendly than its counterparts. It is less invasive in nature, as less soil is disrupted with this method. Additionally, no chemicals are involved in the process.

Benefit # 4: Hydro Excavation is Better for Utility Lines

The majority of sewers and pipes are underground. Using Hydro Excavation, you can get through soil without having to worry about damaging existing lines, which makes the process faster and safer.  Additionally, the equipment does not have sharp edges or metal digging equipment that could damage underground utility lines.

Benefit # 5: Hydro Excavation is Better for Drain Cleaning

Hydro Excavation is particularly useful for cleaning pipes and sewers as it combines the strength of pressurized water with high power suction to remove all debris. Pipes are less likely to become damaged using this cleaning method, making it the safer choice. Another great feature is its ability to be used in cold weather on frozen soil to reach underground pipes in the winter.

Whether you have an excavation project or need your drains cleaned, our Hydro Excavation truck is here to meet your needs. Get in touch to see how we can help!

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