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In the Spring, dormant trees begin to grow again. Their roots seek out water sources and nutrients underground to help them flourish. If your sewer pipes or water pipes have any weak spots, the roots will take advantage of the cracks, and infiltrate them to reach the water inside. As the roots thrive within the pipe, they can create clogs, prevent proper water flow, and cause backups.  Older homes and homes with large trees nearby are particularly susceptible.

How Do I Know Tree Roots Are In My Pipes?

1. Slow Drains & Blocked Pipes

If you notice:
– It is taking longer than usual for wastewater to flow down your drains
– The drains and pipes are making a noise
– You’re experiencing a backup in your pipes

this could be the first sign that roots have infiltrated your system.

2. Sinkholes

Sinkholes could indicate there has been serious damage to your pipes. Water flowing out of broken pipes builds up underground, and eventually causes soft spots to form in your yard, causing a sinkhole. If you notice this issue, contact a professional straight away to evaluate the situation.

3. Bad Smelling Odors

If tree roots have impacted your sewer pipes, this could emit bad smells. Watch for signs of unpleasant odors in the area, especially around plumbing fixtures.

4. Tree Growth

Trees with a good source of moisture and nutrients will often grow faster or look healthier. If you notice a tree growing quicker than others, or that looks richer in color, this could mean it is drawing water from your pipes.

How Should I Remove Roots from Pipes?

Many homeowners utilize chemicals to clear their pipes. Unfortunately in this situation, those chemicals aren’t usually effective. They can stunt growth in the short term, but usually manual remove of the roots is needed to eradicate the problem.

How We Can Help Remove Tree Roots From Your Pipes

At Clear Drain Cleaning, we like to use hydro jetting to clear your lines.  A hydro jetter shoots high pressure water through your pipes to remove roots and sludge. We even provide a camera inspection of your line, so you can see the roots are gone!

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